Tips on improving your visual merchandising

17 Jul , 2017 Articles

Tips on improving your visual merchandising

Designing your store every day is a very intense process. It is even more intense when you are designing without data to back up your decisions.

To save you the stress of designing without the necessary data needed, and to improve your visual merchandising, I put together this article to give you some tips to improve your visual merchandising.

    1. Always be color-conscious. You know this feeling when you spent a lot of time designing your store, but it turns out looking washed out and ugly. Yeah! I know that feeling too, sometimes one would shout, get pissed and angry, but one has to design the store again. So why don’t you save yourself those precious time by been color conscious? Knowing the right color mix would give your store that vibe and life. Use colors to draw customers’ attention. Don’t add too many colors; it could make your store too lousy and archaic.

  1. Change your displays often. A display would only be attractive the first time your customers sees it, but once they see that same display again, it gets boring and old. Most customers don’t patronize old and boring stores. So you should always take note of your displays often; change your displays at least every week.
  1. Identify everything. Most customers are in a hurry due to one thing or the other, the biggest mistake you can ever make is forgetting to identify all your products. Use signage to identify different categories of products. This would help the customers get what they need fast without hassle.
  1. Create a story. Customers have more tendencies to buy your product when you show them how it the merchandise will look like in their home. For example, if you are selling a table, put a chair by the side of the table with a book, a lamp, and a scented candle – as if you are at home. When your customers see this, they would be propelled to buy.
  1. Leverage upon the senses. The number one secret to creating visually stimulating displays is to create a sensory branding (multi-sensory experience). Always think of how your displays talk to your customers, play with contrast textures, balance, and lighting. The number one thing that visual merchandiser forget is music. The music you play affects how your customers behave in the store. The way your store smells also plays a significant role in your customers’ behavior in the store.

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